Trying to figure out where to buy cheesecloth that is both of the highest quality and affordability? Look no further than U.S. Wiping Materials. We stock a large selection of 100% cotton cheesecloth perfect for a multitude of uses online. Our bulk cheesecloth selections are all soft and absorbent, great for wiping, staining, straining and much, much more. We feature an assortment of cheesecloth put-ups at U.S. Wiping Materials. From double-rolled bolts to Jiffy Rolls, Purified Rolls and IDEAL fold varieties, you’re sure to find the style of absorbent, silicon and containment-free bulk cheesecloth perfect for your needs. Shop our cheesecloth selection now!

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idealfold absorbent cheesecloth
Idealfold Cheesecloth
Your Price $40.60- $57.00 for a 60- 100 yard box.
Idealfold cheesecloth is soft, absorbent and 100% cotton. It comes 60- 100 continuous yards per box. The width is 36 inches folded down to 9 inches- 4-ply. The constructions go from 20 x 12- 44 x36.
double rolled cheesecloth
Double Rolled Cheesecloth
Your Price FROM $50.00- $90.00 PER ROLL
100% Cotton. Absorbent. Multi-use 36" wide cheesecloth folded 2- ply to 18" and then rolled.60- 100 yard continuous rolls per case. Comes in constructions from 20 x 12 to 32 x 28.
hermitex purified cheesecloth roll
Hermitex Purified Cheesecloth Rolls
Your Price $8.54- 22.22 PER ROLL
Manufactured from 100% purified cotton fibers and contains no silicone. Fibers are low-lint and non-abrasive. Strong enough for wiping and polishing operations using strong solvents. Absorbs more than 400 times it's dry weight in liquids. Sold by the roll
cheesecloth jiffy roll
Jiffy Roll Heavy Cheesecloth
Your Price $36.09 - $85.00 PER ROLL
Jiffy rolls are made from four layers of 100% cotton and contain no contaminants, silicone or chemical binders. They provide a thicker, heavier, more absorbent wipe than the Hermitex. Choose between 2 constructions. Sold by the roll.