Janitorial Services

Custodial staffs know better than most that life is messy. From schools to corporate offices, janitorial supplies are always in a high demand. You’ve got your other industrial cleaning supplies handy – soaps, degreasers and trash bags - but when it comes to wiping, you need quality products on hand to do the job effectively and at a low cost overhead. 

U.S. Wiping Materials offers a smart approach to janitorial supplies, featuring cloth wipers and rags made from recycled linens starting at just $0.40 per pound. 

We feature affordable, wholesale janitorial supplies that are not only good at picking up grease and performing general maintenance, they’re also good for the environment. 

Shop our collection of wholesale janitorial supplies below. 
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blanket polishing rags
Polishing Rags from Recycled Blankets
List Price $65.00
Your Price $40.00
You Save $25.00 (38 %)
Reclaimed blankets. 100% cotton. Cut to wiper size. 25 # per box. Extremely absorbent. Soaks up spills immediately. Wipers are also very soft and can be used for polishing applications.
yellow lint free tack cloth
Lint Free Tack Cloth Rags - Route Ready
List Price $55.00
Your Price $33.00 FOR ANY TACK LEVEL
Made from 100% polyester with hot-wire sealed edges for ultimate lint control. Cut 10" x 18" with 100 pieces per poly bag. Refined hydrocarbon resin at a medium tack level. Can be cut to length with various tack levels and packed in varying quantities.
lint free chesecloth tack cloth
Lint-Free Cheesecloth Tack Cloths
Your Price From $35.00 to $89.23
21 x 12 cheesecloth tack cloth. Comes in either 9" x 18" sheets- 100 per case- 9" x 150 yard rolls or in individual packs. Perfect for applications such as pre-paint or woodworking.
mixed white recycled rags
Mixed White Recycled Rags in Bulk
List Price $20.00
Your Price $12.50
You Save $7.50 (38 %)
Reclaimed mixed wipers from garments such as pants, skirts and dress shirts. 25# per box. Low lint compared to other cotton cloths. Economical for general tasks where an all white wiper is needed.
blue glass cleaning microfiber cloth towels
Blue Glass Cleaning Microfiber Cloths
List Price $35.00
Your Price $22.80
You Save $12.20 (35 %)
These glass microfiber cloths are perfect for a streak free shine! 16" x 16"- they come 12 in a pack and start at only $1.90 per towel. The small ridges in the fiber are also great for scrubbing soiled areas. Durable and lint-free, great for many tasks!
cotton bar towels - a grade
A Grade Cotton Bar Towels
Your Price $46.20- $77.00 for pack of 10 dozen
These A grade bar towels are 100% cotton- 16" x 19"- and range in weight from 19 oz. to 34 oz. and come with stripes or all white and in a terry or ribbed finish. Perfect for all general cleaning and for restaurants, linen supply services and hospitality.
white lint free tack cloth rags
Lint Free Tack Cloth Rags
List Price $55.00
Your Price $33.00 FOR ANY TACK LEVEL
Polyester warp knit tack cloth made with a medium level tack out of hydrocarbon resin. Hot-wire cut edges for the ultimate in lint control. 10" x 18"- 100 wipers per case. Can be cut to length and packaged to exact specifications.
white knit t-shirt rags
White Knit Recycled T-Shirt Rags
List Price $50.00
Your Price $31.25
You Save $18.75 (38 %)
Reclaimed all white t-shirts and knits. Great for general maintenenance where an all white rag is desired. High cotton content. 25# per box. A wonderful cloth at an economical price.