Airlaid Absorbent Pads & Oil Absorbent Rolls

U.S. Wiping Materials' Airlaid Family of Absorbent Pads & Absorbent Rolls crumple, wrap or fit to any job. These airlaid absorbent pads & absorbent rolls feature resilient bounce-back polypropylene fibers airlaid between two layers of tough spunbond material to make them ideal for fitting into tight spots or around pipes or other equipment. The inner layer of these absorbent pads & absorbent rolls creates uniform air pockets that attract & hold liquids. Durable for everyday use! Choose absorbent pads and absorbent rolls in a grunge-hiding gray color for universal applications or bright white for oil-only absorbency.

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heavyweight airlaid absorbent pads
Heavyweight Airlaid Material Absorbent Pads
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Heavyweight Airlaid Material Absorbent Pads

  • 100 Pads Per-Case
  • 15x19"
  • Great For Tight Spaces
  • Absorbs 28.9 Gallons Of Fluid per case
  • Crumple, Wrap Or Fit For Any Job
  • Durable Enough For Everyday Use