Trying to figure out where to buy cheesecloth that is both of the highest quality and affordability? Look no further than U.S. Wiping Materials. We stock a large selection of 100% cotton cheesecloth perfect for a multitude of uses online. Our bulk cheesecloth selections are all soft and absorbent, great for wiping, staining, straining and much, much more. We feature an assortment of cheesecloth put-ups at U.S. Wiping Materials. From double-rolled bolts to Jiffy Rolls, Purified Rolls and IDEAL fold varieties, you’re sure to find the style of absorbent, silicon and containment-free bulk cheesecloth perfect for your needs. Shop our cheesecloth selection now!

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idealfold absorbent cheesecloth
Idealfold Cheesecloth
Your Price $40.60- $57.00 for a 60- 100 yard box.
Idealfold cheesecloth is soft, absorbent and 100% cotton. It comes 60- 100 continuous yards per box. The width is 36 inches folded down to 9 inches- 4-ply. The constructions go from 20 x 12- 44 x36.
double rolled cheesecloth
Double Rolled Cheesecloth
Your Price FROM $50.00- $90.00 PER ROLL
100% Cotton. Absorbent. Multi-use 36" wide cheesecloth folded 2- ply to 18" and then rolled.60- 100 yard continuous rolls per case. Comes in constructions from 20 x 12 to 32 x 28.
hermitex purified cheesecloth roll
Hermitex Purified Cheesecloth Rolls
Your Price $8.54- 22.22 PER ROLL
U.S. Wiping’s wholesale Hermitex Purified cheesecloth rolls:

  • Made from 100% Purified Cotton
  • Does not contain silicon
  • Low lint
  • Non-abrasive
  • Absorb 400x its weight
cheesecloth jiffy roll
Jiffy Roll Heavy Cheesecloth
Your Price $36.09 - $85.00 PER ROLL
Jiffy rolls are made from four layers of 100% cotton and contain no contaminants, silicone or chemical binders. They provide a thicker, heavier, more absorbent wipe than the Hermitex. Choose between 2 constructions. Sold by the roll.