Microfiber Towel Care Tips

Microfiber towels providing excellent durability, versatility and ability to be used over and over again without missing a beat. While microfiber is an excellent material for a variety of applications, the effectiveness of microfiber can erode over time if proper microfiber care is not taken.

Use these tips to make the most of your microfiber towels:

  • Only dry microfiber towels for polishing & dusting 
  • For surface cleaning, slightly dampen the microfiber cloth prior to use
  • Machine or hand wash microfiber towels in cold or warm water not exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Air or tumble dry microfiber towels on low at the coolest setting
  • Make sure the dryer has cooled down if a previous load was just completed
  • NEVER use bleach or fabric softener on microfiber towels
  • Wash microfibers separate from all other items

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