Lint-Free Smooth Finish Tube Wipers - Black

Smooth Finish Polyester Lint Free Wipes-Black

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Black, 150 denier lint-free polyester tube. 10" x 10"- heat-sealed edges. 25 # per box.100% Polyester lint free tube with a smooth finish. Heat-sealed edges which roll up for a lint-less edge. 10" x 10"- 25# per box. Approx. 500 wipers per box.
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20 x 20

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Our lint free tube wipers were designed for the automotive assembly plants paint departments. The black color allows for particles to be seen more easily. They dip the wiper in isopropyl alcohol and wipe off the car body before painting. This technology also lends itself very well to high tech wiping in areas such as pharmaceutical, electronic, computers, etc... where great absorption is not necessary. This tube wiper comes in a 10" x 10"- 25# per box. There are approximately 500 wipers per box. Our lint free tube wipers can be cut to any length which can be used as a lint free cover. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

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