micro magic lint free cloth polishing wipes

Micro Magic Microfiber Cleaning Wipes

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  • 50-Ct. Package
  • Choose From 2 Colors
  • Lint/Streak Free
  • Rewashable
  • Activate w/ Water
  • Absorbs 400x It's Weight
  • Better Dirt Pickup Vs. Traditional Microfiber
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Our best dust wipes are magical! Micro Magic microfiber cleaning wipes offer the latest lint-free, streak free technology in microfibers and can be washed over and over again for added value. Micro Magic microfiber cleaning wipes feature microfibers 5-10x smaller than traditional microfibers for better dirt pickup without redeposit. These work wonders with just a little bit of water! Micro Magic microfiber cleaning wipes absorb 400% their own weight in liquid, and are binder and solvent free, making them better for the environment and even better for your skin. Micro Magic Microfiber cleaning wipes can be cut to any size without adversely affecting edge lint control or their wiping properties. Cut these microfiber cleaning wipes down to 4x4 for eyewear cleaning or collecting dust in hard-to-reach areas. Micro Magic microfiber cleaning wipes work great on everything from glass to mirrors, stainless steel, porcelain, TVs, computers, marble, granite and much, much more. One you try these microfiber cleaning wipes you will notice why they are revered as some of the best dust wipes on the market. Sold in packages of 50 for just $30 in white or yellow.

Product Reviews

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These are unbelievably great. We use them for EVERYTHING!
Hilarie Burhans (Athens , OH) 7/3/2013 1:54 PM
Totally different from a "regular" microfiber. They look a bit like paper until you get them wet and use them. They're what we use for glass (both windows and drinking glass polishing) as well as stainless steel and general cleaning at our restaurant. They clean amazingly well with just water, but you can use them with cleaning products too. Just squeeze them out until they're almost dry. One tip: they can be machine washed, but putting them in the dryer will cause them to pill and become less effective. I have turned all my friends and family onto these, and this site seems to have the best price. And by the way, they come packed flat, not in a dispenser-type box as shown in the pic. And though they have them in a couple of colors, they all end up a sort of grey color after a few uses anyway. Doesn't bother me as these things are perfect in every other way!