Microfiber Cloths & Towels

Looking for the best in cleaning technology? Look no further than the benefits of microfiber cloth products produced and sold by U.S. Wiping Materials. Microfiber cloths are made from extremely small fibers, no larger than 100th the size of a human hair. In just one square inch of fabric in a microfiber cloth, there are approximately 90,000 microfibers hard at work. Microfibers drastically increase the cleaning surface area and are capable of holding seven times their own weight in liquid. For wet or dry surfaces, microfiber cloths provide incredible benefits, being a microfiber cleaning towel is adept at picking up particles as opposed to pushing them around. Microfiber cloths are no-scratch, and lint-free, and are washable for added value. U.S. Wiping Materials stocks an incredible selection of microfiber cleaning towel products and microfiber cloths at some of the lowest available prices. Shop our in-stock microfiber cloth collection today and find a cloth perfect for your desired use.
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waffle weave microfiber towels
Bulk Waffle Weave Microfiber Towels
Your Price $24.00 - $36.00 for pack of 10 or 12

  • Available In 10 Or 12-Ct. Packages
  • 16x16" In Blue Or Green Or Blue 16x24"
  • Lint-Free
  • Great For Drying W/O Streaking
  • Extremely Soft & Absorbent
terry green microfiber towels
12" X 12" Green Terry Microfiber Towels - 300 Gsm
List Price $30.00
Your Price $17.50
You Save $12.50 (42 %)

  • 12-Ct. Package
  • 12x12"
  • Rewashable
  • Green Color
  • Medium-Weight (300 Gsm)
  • Lint-Free
  • Activated With Water
  • Great For General Cleaning
colored terry cloth microfiber towels
Terry Cloth Microfiber Towels (16x27)
Your Price $33.00

  • 10-Ct. Package
  • 16x27"
  • Choose Your Color
  • Lint & Scratch Free
  • Rewashable
  • Super Absorbent
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