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Mosstone Green Bleach Safe Towels (15x26)

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These Bleachsafe towels are the best money can buy. Soft and Fade Resistant, Absorbent and Dry Quickly and Double Stitched to Prevent Fraying. Bleachsafe Renders the towels impervious to bleaches and peroxides. Keep your towels looking fresh and new.
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These 15x26" bleach safe towels are the best money can buy! These soft, fade resident, absorbent and fast drying mosstone green towels are double stitched to avoid fraying, providing excellent value and longevity! These mosstone green bleachsafe towels are impervious to bleaches and peroxides making them perfect for repeated use. These bleach safe towels are the perfect match for washing away hair dyes, makeup and other chemicals that render ordinary black towels useless after just a few uses. Buy bleachsafe towels in bulk at U.S. Wiping Materials and save compared to the competition! Sold by the dozen, these 15x26 bleach safe mosstone green towels are available for just $28. Along with these mosstone green towels, we also offer bleach safe towels in a variety of colors to fit your unique needs and style.

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