Oil Sorbent Pads and Socks

U.S. Wiping Materials stocks the latest in Sorbent technology, featuring a large selection of oil absorbent pads, absorbent socks and numerous high-absorbency products. From floor-gripping oil sorbent pads making for a safer walking environment to molded absorbent socks perfect for oil, HAZMAT or universal spills around machinery, we feature a variety of oil absorbent products each having their own unique strengths and purposes. Shop our large selection of oil sorbent pads, absorbent socks and mats today. Life may be messy, but it doesn't have to be unsafe.

airlaid oil solvent pads and rolls
Great for tight spaces or to wrap around pipes or equipment. Comes in oil-only or universal pads and rolls. High sorbency combined with high flexibility.
fine fiber absorbent pads and rolls
Virtually indestructable to foot traffic. Grips the floor for safer walking. Comes in oil-only or universal pads and rolls.
meltblown oil absorbent pads and rolls
Quick effective clean-up on land or water. Only absorbs oils, not water. Comes in bright white mats or rolls. High loft fibers for great absorbency.
multi-laminate oil absorbent pads and rolls
Perfect for the most rugged applications. MultiLaminate mats last longer due to the tough outer layers. They resist abrasions and tears. Comes in oil-only or universal pads and rolls. Also is lower in lint for sensitive jobs.
sonic bonded oil absorbent pads and rolls
Sturdy and absorbent. Great for overspray areas and indoor spills. Helps keep floors dry and safe. High loft surface area soaks up liquids quickly. Sonic weld points holds fabric together when saturated. Comes in oil-only or universal pads and rolls.
universal oil absorbent socks
Our poly blend socks come in oil-only, universal and yellow color for identifying hazmat liquids. Choose between different lengths. Easily molded to fit around machines or to contain a spill.