Tack Cloths

U.S. Wiping Materials knows a tack cloth has to be built right to be both lasting and effective at accomplishing its job. We manufacture our own tack cloths from refined hydrocarbon resin technology allowing our tack cloths to pick up stubborn lint or dust particles without transferring it back to the wiped surface. We began developing our tack rag line exclusively for paint departments in automotive assembly plants, and the quality of our tack cloth line has since impressed those in the woodworking, aerospace and body ship industries. Our tack cloths come in a variety of tack levels and are sold in bulk units at wholesale prices starting at just $0.33 per tack rag. Shop our tack rag selection today!
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yellow lint free tack cloth
Lint Free Tack Cloth Rags - Yellow
List Price $55.00
Your Price $33.00 FOR ANY TACK LEVEL
Our tack cloth rags are perfect for painting prep & woodworking:

  • Lint Free
  • 100% Polyester
  • 10x18”
  • Light, Medium, & Heavy Tack Levels
  • Can be cut to length
  • Start at just $0.33 ea.
lint free chesecloth tack cloth
Lint-Free Cheesecloth Tack Cloths
Your Price From $35.00 to $89.23
21 x 12 cheesecloth tack cloth. Comes in either 9" x 18" sheets- 100 per case- 9" x 150 yard rolls or in individual packs. Perfect for applications such as pre-paint or woodworking.
white lint free tack cloth rags
Lint Free Tack Cloth Rags - White
List Price $55.00
Your Price $33.00 FOR ANY TACK LEVEL
Our Lint Free tack cloth comes at the standard cut of 10”x18”, but can be cut to fit your specific needs.

  • Lint-Free
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Tack Level
  • Polyester Warp Knit