U.S. Wiping Materials offers a huge selection of wiping products at great wholesale prices you won't find anywhere else. Our range of affordable wipers includes everything from luxury bath towels to reclaimed shop towels and everything in between. Our wholesale pricing allows customers to get more for less. Browse our complete online collection of wiping products below.

pre moistened hand towels - sellars wet wipes
Our selection of disposable wipers include pre-moistened washcloths perfect for hands or surfaces and are built to wipe out germs, bacteria and even hard, built-up grease.
bulk shop towels - red, green, white, blue & orange shop towels
Shop towels under $0.20 when purchased in bulk. See our collection of discount shop towels at U.S. Wiping Materials
bulk cheesecloth rolls
100% cotton cheesecloth has a multitude of uses. It is very soft and absorbent. Great for wiping, staining, straining and more.
bulk cleaning rags - multi-colored cleaning rags in bulk
These bulk cleaning supplies are perfect for industrial custodial use, home use, work in the garage and much, much more.
terry cotton bar towels - colored cotton bar towels
U.S. Wiping Materials stocks a large selection of bar towels and bar mops. Shop our variety of cotton terry bar towels online today.
industrial hand soaps and degreasing hand cleaners
Our pre-moistened hand towels and soaps are perfect for all jobs without the need for soap and water. Non-scratching with a pleasant citrus scent. Cuts through grease, grime, oils, inks, adhesives etc... Powerful yet gentle on your skin.
lint free kitchen and glass cleaning towels
U.S. Wiping Materials has lint-free glass cleaning towels great for kitchen use starting at under $0.50 each. Shop in bulk & save. Browse our selection online.
lint free cloth rags and lint free microfiber towels
The products in this section are truly lint-free, and are incredibly effective for surface prep, high-tech dusting and much, much more.
bulk microfiber towels
Looking for the best in cleaning technology? Look no further than the benefits of microfiber cloth products produced and sold by U.S. Wiping Materials.
oil absorbent pads, oil absorbent rolls and oil absorbent socks
From floor-gripping oil sorbent pads making for a safer walking environment to molded absorbent socks perfect for oil, HAZMAT or universal spills around machinery,
paper non woven cloth wipers
We feature a variety of paper disposable wipes & non-woven fabric wiping rags built for any purposes. From oil, grease and liquid cleanup to working in high-tech areas, we have in-stock non-woven fabric wiping rags and disposable wipes.
bulk salon towels
Buy salon towels in bulk from U.S. Wiping Materials & save. Perfect for beauty, hair, nail & tanning salon. Affordable luxury. Shop online now.
sellars paper rags
Sellars is one of the most reputable names in the disposable wiping industry, and U.S. Wiping Materials is honored to be an authorized reseller and distributor of the full line of Sellars paper towels.
surgical huck towels
Surgical Huck towels from U.S. Wiping Materials are the perfect multi-purpose wiper. Lint-free, durable & reusable. Available at low prices. Shop our selection.
multi colored bulk tablecloths and linen napkins in bulk
Wholesale linen napkins and linen tablecloths are an affordable way to add elegance to any occasion. Shop cheap table linens online from U.S. Wiping Materials.
lint free tack cloth in bulk
We manufacture our own tack cloths from refined hydrocarbon resin technology allowing our tack cloths to pick up stubborn lint or dust particles without transferring it back to the wiped surface.
wall and floor mount jumbo industrial paper towel dispensers by sellars
High quality wall and floor mount dispensers for easy access to all your paper nonwoven shop cloths.
white cotton towels in bulk
Do you need bulk towels for your business? Sold in quantities of 12, U.S. Wiping Materials stocks a wide variety of cotton towels ranging in quality from economy cotton towels to quality, platinum hotel towels fit for luxurious hospitality.
cloth wipers and reclaimed rags
Made from recycled linens and garments which keeps material from landfills. High cotton content. Perfect for all general maintenance duties as well as painting, staining and auto care. Extremely absorbent and durable. As low as .40 cents per pound.
microfiber mop kit
U.S. Wiping Materials produces and sells a microfiber floor mop and mop pads designed to do more for your floors, by tracking dirt and dust particles in small areas.
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Clean Task™ Cleaning & Degreasing Wet Wipe Refill Pack
List Price $45.00
Your Price $32.10 per case
* 4 refills per case * Sheet Size: 10" x 12" * 70 Wipes per pack / 280 per case
Clean Task™ Cleaning & Degreasing Wet Wipe Dispenser
List Price $50.00
Your Price $38.90 per case
* 3 Buckets per Case * 210 Wipes per Case * Sheet Size: 10" X 12"